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When Should I Call a Water Heater Installation Service?



If you are thinking of getting a new water heater, it would be wise to get a water heater installation service before you put your money down on the new appliance. A lot of water heaters that are purchased today can be very difficult to service because they use a different servicing procedure than older water heaters used in the past. Many parts on newer water heaters require very specific procedures and maintenance techniques. Older appliances were designed to be easier to service because they did not use all of the required parts in the heating process and therefore there is room for risk when performing this procedure. The following is information on water heater installation service that will help you become more familiar with the water heater so that you will know what to expect when you are servicing the unit.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing have a much longer life expectancy than the tubes inside of them. Enjoy a maximum ten year lifespan on hot water tank type appliances. Even though this does greatly depend upon the quality of home water supply and condition. Most water heaters are highly recommended to last even longer when they are properly serviced and maintained by trained professional technicians that understand proper servicing procedures. Water heaters are often rated based upon the amount of time that it takes to warm up a one gallon of water using the hot water heater.


When you have an electric water heater installation service performed on your unit, it may require extensive amounts of plumbing work. It is essential to have experienced and licensed plumbers perform any electrical work in your home because certain plumbing codes may not be followed depending upon where you live. There are two types of electrical water heater installation services that are commonly requested by consumers. One requires a licensed plumber and the other is a do-it-yourself job that is rarely completed correctly.


The first step in performing a water heater installation service is to schedule an appointment with a licensed and experienced contractor. Do not attempt to complete the task yourself. If the problem cannot be fixed by the first attempt at repair, it will be more difficult to fix later. Most problems with water heaters can be fixed with a simple drain cleaning and a couple calls to the expert plumbers. If it is a gas water heater, it will require further testing to determine what the problem is before any action is taken to correct it. For more facts about heater, visit this website at https://www.britannica.com/technology/boiler.

The expert plumbers from this link will typically perform a visual inspection of your water heater installation and then determine if the problem is something that can be fixed. They will recommend several possible fixes that include draining and cleaning the drain lines and changing the gas or electric heater thermostat. A new filter might be necessary as well depending upon the make and model. In some cases, the problem will involve re-placing the water heater unit. Most water heater installations will take several hours to complete but this is a very small amount of time when you consider how important it is to save money on future heating costs.


As a homeowner, you should check with your homeowner's insurance policy to see what coverage you have for water heaters and other natural gas appliances. Many policies cover damage due to flooding or fires but, others will only cover them if the homeowner takes action to repair the situation. Before deciding on an installation service for your water heater, check with your insurance provider. It may save you quite a bit of money to repair the problem yourself. Although, if you have had problems with your natural gas heater in the past, you should definitely call in a professional installer to ensure your safety and to get your water heaters up and running as soon as possible.